Shortlisting an event planner – things to consider

Are you preparing a list of top reputed event planners in town already? Well, it is a great idea to do that, but to make it happen, you may have to do things that you hadn’t done before. For instance, it is assumed that this is your first attempt at organizing an event. It is possible that your event will take place just as you had planned. It may also be the case that your event will happen exactly as you had visualized it. But, all of that will only happen when you know what to look for and where to find those event companies in Dubai that will make it all happen. If this is your first attempt of having an event, chances are that you will stay cautious before finding an event planner, and rightly so.

Getting started

The first thing to do is to get in touch with people who could help you find one. Keep in mind that you should look to find the one that you could trust. For that to happen, you need to get in touch with people who may help you find one. There are hundreds of event planners operating in Dubai, but you don’t know how many out of those may fit into your requirements. It makes sense to ask people who can help you find the one that will come in handy and may help your event to succeed.

Narrow down options

It is possible that once you start exploring options and getting in touch with event planners, your list will continue to trim down. Eventually, you will be left with options that can be trusted and that’s where you should start to feel excited. Keep in mind that you must continue to put efforts into finding a suitable event planner anyway.


It is assumed that you will come up with ideas that will help you find the fitting event planner. However, it would be appropriate to think about the interview style questionnaire so that you get the idea if the event planner is worth working with or not. Make sure to ask pertinent questions only and exclude all irrelevant ones from the questionnaire. Your time is as precious as theirs so cut the questionnaire to those are worth asking.

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