The Maintenance Required by AC Units

Regular ac maintenance is crucial to maintain its performance and efficiency. But what maintenance should be done on AC units? This article will discuss cleaning the coils, vests, belts, and pulleys. Regular cleaning can prevent problems with your air conditioner, keeping it running smoothly. You can also use a dinner knife to realign bent AC fins. Make sure to insert the knife into the unit no deeper than half an inch. Also, AC units are typically equipped with metal boxes that need to be removed. Lift them carefully to avoid bumping the fins. The following tips will be helpful for you, but hiring professional best AC maintenance companies in Dubai is a wise decision.

Cleaning of evaporator coils:

Cleaning evaporator coils on air conditioners should be done regularly to keep the entire system operating smoothly and efficiently. The evaporator coil is a two-sided, A-frame-style coil. First, remove the panel and inspect the coil for dust and dirt. Look for signs of mold or mildew and contact an HVAC professional to get rid of it. If the coil is affected by mold or mildew, use a biocide approved for cooling systems. Spray a coil cleaner on the exposed surfaces, and let it soak in. It should drip into the condensate drain pan.

Cleaning of vents:

After you’ve cleaned the vents of your AC unit, you need to replace your air filters. If you don’t, you may not be getting as much air as you could. Changing your filters every few months will help keep your AC working well. To clean the vents, use a damp cloth to remove extra dust and dirt. You may want to use a garbage bag to prevent dust from flying up. For the cleaning process, start by mixing warm water with dish soap. The water should lather, meaning it has been cleaned enough. If you don’t have a bathtub, use a bucket or wash basin to get the job done.

Cleaning of belt:

When you first purchase a new air conditioner, you may not be familiar with the belt system. While newer units do not have this system, older units might still have worn belts. As a result, you will hear noise from the vents or inside your home. You should have your belt replaced if it’s too noisy or if you have other concerns about it.